New year, new us!

by Ryan Smith
3 years ago

Its been an exciting couple of months at CodeCommit. There have been a lot of changes the past year, but we have started this new year with a clear focus and are starting to reap the benefits of this.

The past few months have seen us working on some very exciting projects utilising the power of Microsoft Azure and the many cloud based services it offers. We have recently been working with a well established business in migrating their current Windows based solution to Azure Functions which has enabled them to scale down server resource and only pay for the compute power of these awesome functions.

Moreover we have a very exciting partnership in the pipeline to build a revolutionary new multi channel application that will be launched in Q3 of this year. This exciting opportunity has led to the growing of the core team and enabled us to become a much more Agile agency and increase our offering to you.

The heads of department recently go together to brainstorm and define a new project we are working on over a couple of coffee’s that bred naturally into a few beers. It was a fantastic session that took 4 hours, of which we were full engaged and racked up a lovely bar tab.  We would invite you to join us on the next meetup if you have a project in mind, we can get together and go through the possible solutions we can offer you, and of course the beers are on us.

Do get in touch if you have any questions or want a kick off meeting on a project, we will be happy to help.