BOKK: Upgrade healthcare for your customers

by Ryan Smith
1 year ago

We were tasked to build an Android application that would allow users to register and create a place for them to manage their own customers and small business. The idea behind BOKK is to allow sole traders/practitioners to run their business from their phone for free initially with premium features allowing them to take this business into a SAAS model and generate revenue that can be re-distributed back to the development of the app and also to charity.

To develop BOKK our product team spent a lot of team interviewing users in the space that would be using an app like BOKK to ensure we could meet their needs and to prove that BOKK would be sustainable in the marketplace. Once a clear specification was devised, our UX team went about designing the wireframes and later the design of the app to ensure the flow for the user was always top of mind making it extremely easy for them to use.

Finally, our development department began to bring this idea to life. Using the power of Google Firebase, we have been able to develop and host this fantastic app for the customer for FREE whilst the concept is adopted by the intended audience. When the business starts to make profit, the cloud based systems will auto-scale and allow for costs to be kept at a minimum. The key for any start-up is keeping costs low without hindering the product. With Firebase we were able to achieve this and have produced a fantastic app that meets our clients needs.